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The MiniTennisCourt can easily be sized to fit on any flat surface like a driveway.


Or it can be used in its standard size for a larger area. This one is being used as a warm up court during a recent National Junior Tournament.


The tournament almost became a sideshow to the action on the MiniTennisCourt!



"Ned-Your mini tennis court net is a great fun learning tool. I have 3 boys (ages 10, 8 and 5) who have played some form of tennis since they could walk but they have never played on a mini tennis court. We just pull your court out into our street and it is almost become a sideshow on our street with people pulling up and telling us what a cool idea it is and where can they get one. Within the first week their games were helped greatly with your tennis court and awesome balls. It slows the game down where they can play with their non playing friends in the neighborhood and I can instruct them in ways I can't on the tennis court because everything is moving much slower. The balls force you to hit through the shot and really focuses on the follow through-that right there is a great learning concept without any instruction. After the first week of using this my 10 year old won his an open 10 & under tournament beating two kids ranked ahead of him that he had not beaten before. I truly believe your tennis court and balls had something to do with this. Now they can pull this net into the street and get 15-20 fun minutes of practice without going getting all the gear to go to the tennis courts. They are practicing tennis without even knowing it. It is a great idea and a great concept to make people better of all ages not just juniors. Good luck with it-I think it has a real value."

Peter Smith
Head Men's Tennis Coach
University of Southern California

Your children will beg you to let them play outside on the MiniTennisCourt! Two children with different levels of ability can easily play together.


Now a tennis club parking lot can be transformed!


Many families love their MiniTennisCourt so much that they have made them permanent fixtures on their driveways.


Players of all ages and abilities are finding the benefits of the MiniTennisCourt. Here are four Nationally Ranked Juniors warming up before a match.


Even the highest level players use the MiniTennisCourt. Here two of the highest ranked players in the country, Bo Seal and Keri Wong, are having a battle.


You can easily see why the MiniTennisCourt is a MUST for every driveway.


Harper and Samantha Caswell, after playing for hours a day on the MiniTennisCourt, quickly rose to the #1 and #2 Ranking in Tennessee.


Tournaments can use the MiniTennisCourts to turn any parking lot into the ultimate warm up spot!









"The MiniTennisCourt is hands down the best at home tennis training tool available. Both of my children had almost immediate improvement in their game. But even more important...they beg us to let them go outside and play on it!"

$150 for a limited time

Tennis Is A Difficult Game To Learn

The problem with tennis has always been, how do you quickly and effectively teach children how to play the game...and have them LOVE it at the same time? Tennis is one of those sports that before playing is even possible, a moderate level of skill is required. With traditional teaching methods it could be months or years before a child acquires the skills needed to play a match! The number of children who have quit tennis in frustration is astronomical. This should never happen again!

The MiniTennisCourt is a revolutionary new product based upon years of research. Tennis needed a progressive learning system similar to many other sports. A system that actually allowed children to play matches as they progressed in their abilities. For example, in baseball, a child progresses from t-ball, to coach pitch, to player-pitch on a smaller field, to real, regulation baseball. There has never been a progressive system like this for tennis...until now.

The USTA Supports The Concept Of The MiniTennisCourt

The USTA, the governing body of tennis in the United States, has recently launched a junior development program called Quick Start Tennis. Two years after the MiniTennisCourt was developed, the USTA realized that there was a way to progressively develop junior players.

The MiniTennisCourt proved that there were two main issues that needed to be solved in order to make progressive teaching possible. One, the size of the court makes it impossible for a young player to cover it effectively. Secondly, a regulation tennis ball flies through the air to fast. Both of these factors combine to make it difficult for two young players to keep a rally going...the main concept for understanding and enjoying tennis!

The MiniTennisCourt, and now the USTA's Quick Start Tennis program, put an end to these roadblocks to junior development. Just like in every other sport, the regulation court or field size is just too big for younger players, and is scaled down. The MiniTennisCourt greatly reduces the size of a tennis court. To solve the problem of the ball flight speed, the MiniTennisCourt utilizes a revolutionary foam ball that uses air resistance to reduce the speed of the ball as it travels through the air.

With the MiniTennisCourt, two complete beginners can successfully rally back and forth. The allows players to instantly feel like they are playing real tennis. This also allows coaches to focus on a more complete approach to the game, such as score keeping, hitting away from opponents, consistency, etc.

$150 for a limited time

The MiniTennisCourt Can Easily Be Used At Home

The beauty of the MiniTennisCourt is that it can be used virtually anywhere. It quickly sets up in driveways, streets, or yards. Four MiniTennisCourts can easily fit on one regulation tennis court. The foam balls won't damage garage doors or break windows.

Having a MiniTennisCourt at home allows you and your child to play tennis whenever you want, without the hassle of packing up all the gear and driving to the tennis courts. You can easily play a set of tennis while waiting for dinner to cook!

At home, with the MiniTennisCourt, you and your child will be training with the exact system that the USTA has determined to be the preferred way to learn and develop a tennis game. You will be playing for hours a day...all for the price of about two private lessons!

The Story Behind The MiniTennisCourt

When teaching professional Ned Caswell was searching for ways to instruct his twin daughters at their home, he realized the junior players' love for mini-tennis.

MiniTennisCourt became the brainstorm.

"I got some of the (sponge) balls and when they were younger, we used to tap them back and forth and play the type of mini-tennis that everyone plays," explains Caswell. "I thought to myself, 'Wow, I'd really like to work on their strokes and their real tennis with the same concept.' So I just started experimenting with this ball until I came up with the exact dimensions of a court so that their strokes would react the same way as a tennis ball does on a regular court."

Caswell next scaled down the service lines to where they would mimic exactly to the regulation court.

When the calculations were complete, the Caswell family actually began practicing and playing regular tennis.

"We started using the mini-court a couple of hours every day. It totally changed my kids' strokes. Instead of hitting with a hard tennis ball that was really uncontrollable, they sponge ball allowed them to take full swings and still have control, and that's huge."

The nine year old Caswell twins, Samantha and Harper, were ranked No.1 and No. 2 in Tennessee while playing most of their tennis on the MiniTennisCourt.

The court teaches players to attack the ball and take full swings, making it easier to develop a more aggressive style of tennis than you would be able to develop just playing tennis. For beginners, the court encourages longer rallies, which makes the process of learning more fun.

However, since the timing is exactly the same as tennis played on traditional courts, MiniTennisCourt opens the game to players of all ages and skill levels.


$150 for a limited time


The MiniTennisCourt kit includes 1 fully portable net, 1 six-pack of mini-tennis balls, and pre-cut, pre-marked, non-marking lines which can be laid down by two people in approximately 10 minutes. Backstops are not required.

The sponge (foam) balls are similar in weight and have bounce characteristics of regular tennis balls.

The easy assembly and portability make the product valuable as a warm-up court at tournaments where practice courts are at a minimum.

100% Refund If You Are Unsatisfied For Any Reason

You have nothing to lose by purchasing the MiniTennisCourt. We are so sure you will love this product that we offer a "no questions asked" refund policy. If you are unhappy with it for any reason simply ship it back to us and we will refund your purchase for up to 30 days. This is an absolute RISK-FREE offer.

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For $150 you will receive the complete MiniTennisCourt Kit which includes the net, 6 balls, pre-cut line tape, and a carry-all bag.

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